Bill Evanko Guestbook

Sent by Donna Gullett

I want to thank you so much for putting up this site. I knew Billy back in Connecticut when he was 21 and I was 16. He was my "first love" and I have him on video, taking me to my Junior and Senior prom. We lost touch after I graduated but when I moved back to Ct I found out that Billy's Mom, Clara, lived right up the street. She became a 2nd grandmother to my daughters. We spent many an hour pondering what happened to Billy.

It was strange seeing him with long hair (he had a DA when I knew him) and wearing jeans (he was always a "snappy dresser"). It was strange, but it was nice. I knew, right away, that this was the Billy I knew ... those wonderful blue eyes never changed over the years. I am so glad that he found the Lord and worked in His service.

Billy did not have an easy early life. It's good to know that he finally found a home and that he was happy. I look forward to seeing him again when I go home and getting one of those warm smiles that I came to know so well.

Sent by Barbara Groffman

I met Bill after I became engaged to my husband Marcus. Bill lived in his van in Marcus' driveway and after Marcus asked me to marry him he told me about his friend Bill, and said he comes as a package deal with the marriage. Meeting Bill was a joy, he was such a gentle man and so encouraging and accepting of me as I became part of their lives here. Bill was caring and so good to me during a difficult pregnancy, and was looking forward to spending time helping Marcus babysit after the baby was born. Unfortunately Bill only got to see Alice 2 times, once in the hospital and once at the beginning of July before he left for Minnesota, and I'm sorry that our baby will not grow up knowing Bill. I know he is with our Lord and I'm happy for him, but as I walk around our place I am reminded of Bill in all the little things and grieve for our loss here. Praise God we will meet him again when this life is over. Bill, you are missed...

Sent by Sandy Schmid

I worked with Bill during the Seattle Outreach helping prepare the food for the kids. He had made such a wonderful impact on my life in the very short time I knew him. He would always mention how he loved all of the kids and truly enjoyed serving them and making them wonderful meals. He spoke a great deal about his home church, City Calvary, and how he loved serving to feed the homeless in downtown. Bill had a wonderful love for Jesus and every night, during the Outreach, at about 5:00, he would say, "Okay Lord, take over." Somehow the Lord always provided the "extra" we needed to be sure the kids were fed all they needed. The Outreach group would express their sincere thanks and even when the "Pepper" mashed potatoes were served, they ate with joy and would say, "Wild Bill, you did it again!" Bill will truly have a special place in my heart and I am excited to know I will see him again when the Lord returns. Go Wild Bill, with love much gratitude and love, Sandy

Sent by Connie Freshour

Bill. Our dear, DEAR friend, who really became more like family to us in the short 2 1/2 years we knew him. Not many hours pass each day that I don't think of him. It really feels like he was ripped out of our life. But, I try to remember he is in a better place- experiencing more joy, love, & peace than he, or we, ever have. He was a BIG blessing to our family. He was always looking for ways to bless us. He brought us big care packages each time he visited us in Minnesota. I'd ask him to bring one of something- he'd bring three, then tell us he'd pay for the extra. I'm at a loss for words right now, but have had hundreds of thoughts of what I could write about Bill. He has left MANY memories with us & we're excited to see him again- and Praise the Lord we have that assurance!!

Sent by Roy Osborn

I met Bill just a week or two before he went on to glory while with the Seattle team in Minnesota. He really impressed me with his heart of gold, sensitivity and servant attitude.

(Letter to Wade Freshour) sent by Tyna

I know your sadness, we all have only known Bill for a very short time, and feel a sadness on not seeing him again, until we see him in heaven. But there are a few things I would like to share with you that Bill shared with me when he was here.

He told me how much he loved you guys, he just loved Wade because Wade just said it like it was and that was it. And that Wade said he trusted and depended on God for all things, and his talk matched his walk, Bill liked that.

He said to me, "Tyna, never give me money!" I asked him, "Why", and he said because when he had money and saw something he thought someone would like, he just bought it for them, didn't matter where the money came from, then he just laughed. Who couldn't love his heart?

I asked him, "Bill, doesn't it drive you nuts to drive back and forth from the West to the midwest?" He said oh, no, that it was his time with God, and that sometimes he would just pull over and stare up in the sky at all the stars and just thank God for all He has done for him, he loved that quiet time with the Lord he said.

Then he said right after that, that he was driving your car and put in a CD and it was the most beautiful voice he thought he had ever heard, he loved it. It was Tina Osborn's. That is why I was so bent on getting that tape cause Bill loved it so much. I listened to it and listen to the last song, "You Are With Me".

Bill was a gift and I thank God for giving us Bill for the time He gave us him, Bill enriched my life with his simple love for Christ, and his friends, most of all you. To give thanks in all things.

love tyna